Why Should Your Church Care about Generosity?

Generosity, when it flows naturally from the heart of a church community, is contagious. It has an undeniable effect on people who come into contact with it. It expresses in practical and powerful ways the message at the core of our faith: God gave His only Son to us that we might have life.

When we live out our love for God, our generosity reveals our faith in God. This pattern of faith-filled, sacrificial generosity is in direct conflict with a theme in American culture. We Americans believe the myth that we must be independent, pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps. We also believe, therefore, that we are responsible for our own success and have a right to keep and use that success to meet our desires and needs.

The culture of a church is revealed when there is a crisis of faith. When the global recession hit in 2008, some churches thrived, some churches plateaued, and some churches declined. Some churches responded in fear, locking up whatever cash they had in order to weather the storm. Others decided to take another path, recognizing that the recession had revealed significant need in their communities.

In our conversations with church leaders, we found that many of the churches that chose to share, even when there wasn’t a clear path to replenishment, experienced something unexpected and transformational: abundance. They learned that there were more resources available to them than they had ever imagined. They used what God had given them to prevent foreclosures, promote adoptions of orphans, feed the hungry, help those living in extreme poverty, and assist communities recovering from natural disasters. These churches witnessed a level of spiritual formation that rapidly and holistically changed their cultures.

For the last two and a half decades, it’s been our privilege, at Generis, to guide churches and Kingdom-focused non-profits in matters of stewardship, fundraising and cultivating generosity that permeates the culture. In our mission to accelerate generosity toward God-inspired vision, we get in the trenches alongside church leaders to help them build a culture of generosity so their church can accurately reflect the Christ we profess as Lord and Savior.

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