The Importance of Year-End Giving in Your Church

We’re moving closer to the end of the year. The retail stores are already gearing up for Christmas; the world around us is preparing for another new year. For many church leaders, this time of the year can be filled with anxiety. Time to make the budget is running out. What should be year-end excitement is replaced with last-minute angst.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

What if there was a way to truly engage and excite your congregation, while accelerating your giving and improving your church’s overall generosity culture?

Year-end giving is an important part of an overall stewardship strategy. Taking advantage of this natural on-ramp to giving provides the opportunity for you to highlight your vision, celebrate your church’s annual generosity, and add crucial financial resources, allowing you to expand your God-inspired vision.

Too often, church leaders assume their congregation will automatically consider the church as an option for year-end tax- planning gifts. This assumption is valid only if the church consistently executes an effective year-end giving strategy.

Believe it or not, donors will assume the church has no financial need if there is no clear and intentional communication regarding a special year-end giving opportunity. However, if you communicate appropriately and unapologetically, the church then becomes a viable year-end giving option in the mind of the donor. A special year-end project provides a unique opportunity in the life of the church to highlight the value of generosity. If a year- end project is employed on a consistent annual basis, the church’s donor base will begin to reserve a much larger percentage of their year-end giving for the church.

For many people, a significant amount of income is tied to year-end bonuses and profit sharing due to today’s economy. People often refer to giving from this additional income as “free agent giving.” In other words, they see this as opportunity to give to an organization or cause outside of their normal giving patterns. Providing the opportunity for special year-end giving gives you the chance to both teach about giving and to direct resources to the church’s mission.

Download the Generis 2015 Year End Giving Guide to build this strategy at your church.

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