The Annual Impact Report

It’s helpful to craft a narrative about the recent impact of the church so send out along with the Annual Giving Statements, and that can be done very well through an Annual Impact Report.

Sending an Annual Impact Report prior to, or in conjunction with, an annual statement is wise, as it helps further connect your givers’ generosity with the actual ministry impact their giving has.

Using an impact report, we can tell stories, report numbers, and share photos of how each individual’s generosity affects the lives and faith of others. Plus, it reinforces the giving journey and gives the reader encouragement to continue giving so that even more can be accomplished through their generosity.

SAMPLE ONE PAGE IMPACT REPORT (Perfect for mailing with Annual Giving Statement)

SAMPLE DIGITAL ANNUAL REPORT (Great for email and website)

For more information about surprising and delighting your givers through a successful Annual Giving Statement strategy or sample impact reports, click here for a help resource that Generis created.

**Many innovative churches that I work with are opting to produce and deliver the Annual Giving Statements electronically. If you’d like to learn more about delivering this via email, please email me:

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