Telling Generosity Stories of Life Change

So how do you talk about money without becoming the church that always talks about money? To do this well, church leaders should consider the entire weekend experience, not just focus on the sermon. A worship service offers many opportunities to present stories of life change and to invite others to make changes in their own lives. This invitation can come through the chance to participate in the offering or take part in some other special act of generosity. When generosity becomes just another word for increasing church funding, it will lose its ability to impact people’s lives and develop them as disciples of Jesus Christ. Instead we encourage teaching that shows how the act of generous giving frees the giver from attachment to the things of this world and blesses the receiver with a demonstration of God’s love. Generosity, in this sense, is one of the most tangible, quantifiable ways that we experience God’s power as revealed in the gospel.

The ultimate goal of generosity—and the gospel—is to change lives. Connecting generosity with biblical teaching on life change reinforces the idea that people aren’t being asked to give in order to fund budgets, buildings, or programs. It presents generosity instead as an act that nurtures the souls of both the giver and the receiver. Whatever static a pastor might receive from talking about generosity and giving, every life change makes it worth it.

To develop a culture of generosity, you must find ways to incorporate generosity into your worship programming strategy. Themes related to generosity should make it into the video production schedule, the worship set, and the announcements regularly. You can accelerate generosity in your church by paying attention to these details. What can you do to include the themes of generosity in the midst of the impressions they create?

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