Mobile Giving in Your Church (Guest Post from Kindrid)

This is a guest blog post from Leighton Cusack, a team member at Kindrid.  

As many Pastors know the age of carrying around checkbooks and cash is over. Just as many people opt for a smartphone with YouVersion instead of physical Bibles, congregants are bringing their smartphones instead of checkbooks.

So how do churches provide a way for these people to participate in giving to the mission?

We are acutely aware of this question at Kindrid because it is an experience we have had ourselves. Being in church on Sunday with a desire to give but not having a way. Because of these experiences, we built Kindrid to increase generosity and provide the best way for a digital generation to give in church.

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It is simple for the donor, but of equal importance, we have built a back-end tracking system making it simple for the admin as well.

When churches introduce Kindrid Giving they see increases in engagement with people who currently give but most importantly brand new people start giving.

One church, Winston Salem First, found 26% of households giving via Kindrid had never given to the church before. Additionally 25% were people who gave inconsistently and began giving more consistently. You can view the full case study here.

These are the results we want to help all Churches get. If you are interested in learning more about Kindrid Giving feel free to send me an email directly

You can find out more about this giving solution at the Kindrid blog.  Thanks, Leighton!

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