Learning Highlights from Leadership Network/Generis Church Multisite Scorecard

Yesterday marked the release of the Leadership Network/Generis Church Multisite Scorecard.  With great privilege, Generis is a sponsor of this release.  This project marks the largest church multisite research to date.

You can download your copy of this report.

Everyone approaches the church multisite movement with assumptions and biases.  To me, this Scorecard becomes valuable in busting some of those myths and biases with real data as to how the church multisite movement is actually advancing the work of Christ’s church.

Some of my learning highlights from this report:

New campuses grow by 28% the first year and 25% the second year – on average (median).  From the Scorecard findings, multisite campuses grow far more than church plants.  As well, multisite campuses have a greater evangelistic impact than church plants.  This is significant news.  In essence, campuses grow faster and have more conversions than church plants.

88% of churches report that going multisite increased the role of lay participation.  Another important discovery.  The people of the church own the vision and get involved in the ministry of reaching out to the community.   But please understand that launching another campus will not solve your volunteer deficit.  Launching multisite becomes an economy of scale.  Launching another campus will expose both your strengths and weaknesses.  If your church is already successful at recruiting, training, and equipping volunteers for active ministry in the church, your multisite effort will build off of that success.

The critical importance of the campus pastor.  They serve as the “face with the place.”  There is no doubt that a dynamic church tends to have a dynamic communicator within the leadership core.  But what is the perspective of satellite campuses where the teaching is on video?  In cases where teaching is provided via video, more often than not, the campus pastor is viewed as “the pastor”.  The guy on the screen is the deliverer of the message.  The campus pastor becomes the relational connector to that specific campus.  Which leads to…

The success of video teaching.  If you attend a church with live teaching, you like it.  You are accustomed to that.  Personally, I attend a church with a seating capacity of approximately 450.  Many times I have wish they had a camera on the speaker so that I could better see his expressions on the big screen.  If that were the case, what would it matter if I was actually in the same room/campus as the preacher?  Technology gives the local church new opportunities.

Multisite is full of options and customization.  Different campuses tend to take on a personality of their own.  And different churches frequently make multisite work differently for their own context.  The more I engage multisite churches, the more of this I witness.  This is liberating for church leaders: make multisite work for you.  While there are lessons learned and wisdom from those who have succeeded and failed before you, the implementation options are vast.

Please share some of your observations from the Leadership Network/Generis Church Multisite Scorecard.  What did you learn?  What surprised you?  Did it change your perspective on multisite at all?

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