How to set-up Annual Giving Statements from Stage

“Hey church family! I’d like to take this time during our announcements to let you know about a very important letter that’s going to be hitting your mailboxes in the next few days. It’s your personal annual giving statement from last year that shows what you gave to our church.

Now, I know this is probably not a statement or a letter that you tend to get excited about, but that’s going to change this year. This year, we’re going beyond just giving you a back up document to prove your giving to the IRS so you can get a tax deduction. Instead, this year, we’re sending you a personal letter, first, to say thank you. All of the life change and the impact that we’ve seen in our church this past year—it’s because of you.

Second, we want to celebrate what God has done in you through the spiritual discipline of generosity. So many of you have given for the first time, others have given intentionally for the first time, others yet have given extravagantly for the first time. We want to celebrate that with you.

Third, we want to ask you to join the war effort once again. It’s through your faithful giving—as evidenced through this giving statement—that God is accomplishing His tremendous work here.”

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