How to get a different result by doing the same work…

Can’t happen.
You already know this.
But you still do the same the work. Work the same plan… harder. More intensity. Or not.
The coach wants to win – really bad. Except his son must be the shortstop and bat leadoff. He wants to win, but he does not want to coach differently or use different players.
The church wants to resource more ministry impact. The budget has flatlined… “What should we do?”
More of the same??
Do you want a different result?
Then you already know the answer.
Change how you receive the offering in your worship service.
Say something different before the offering.
Tell stories of those who have been impacted by the ministry at your church. THEN, connect the dots to giving: “When you give to our church, you fuel continued ministry that makes a difference in the lives of people.”

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