How has the church multisite strategy changed the generosity conversation?

How Generis Helps Multisite Churches


How has the development of multisite changed the generosity conversation?

How has multisite changed your (Generis) approach over the last decade?

Multisite changes the generosity conversation in the church. It is a growing trend and is rapidly becoming the new normal for church growth.

Some of what we do is the same regardless of the church model, but a number of things have to be adapted for the multisite church. Here are a few of the things we think are more important:

• We coach campus pastors in leading the generosity conversation at their campus. Leveraging technology in the giving process, especially smart phones and mobile devices, is very important to multisite churches—we emphasize that to them. This includes communicating the multisite vision to givers at every location.

• Because campus pastors typically have the relationships with givers at their site, we help them understand how to communicate the multisite vision to higher capacity people. In many cases, this might also involve the senior leader of the church, so we coach them on how to do this together.

• Many times, we help facilitate a unified voice on giving throughout all locations. This might include a coordinated set of talking points each week for the time before the offering.

One of the things we have noted among multisites is a tendency to drift to an “us versus them” perspective. Keeping vision and buy in consistent among all locations is essential for a healthy church and we coach churches on how to avoid that drift.

• We help churches understand the financial dynamic in implementing multisite strategy, whether it is the first new campus or an additional new campus. Generally, there is a period of investment and a time for the location to become self-sustaining. It is important for a church to understand those factors if they are to be successful in planning for multisite. 

The generosity conversation for churches that are multisite is different than for those with just one site. The lead pastor has to cast a vision that speaks to attenders on all campuses, not just one site. The leader has to continually reinforce “we are one church in multiple locations.”

Campus pastors become a key part of the vision casting and ownership process. They must be 100% bought in and must bring that buy in to their campus leadership regarding vision and funding.

Often, major giving initiatives in multisite churches will mainly benefit just one campus, which causes a challenge to engage attenders on other campuses. The leadership of the campus pastors is critical to this process. Additionally, on a week-to-week basis, even when a major giving initiative is not underway, it is important for all of the campuses to be involved in supporting the overall mission and vision of the church. This is more complex when there are multiple locations.


This is an excerpt from the Leadership Network/Generis Church Multisite Scorecard. You can download the full report for more great insights on church multisite and the impact on generosity.

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