God’s Favor Reveals Itself Over Time

Now therefore I pray that you, if I have found favor in your sight, let me know your ways that I may know you. – Exodus 33:13a (NASB)

Finding God’s favor is not about God doing favors for you. Rather, as Moses said to the Lord, “Let me know you and let me know your ways. Let me know about how you lead. Let me know about how you want to function in my life.” That is God’s favor.

There are many examples in the Old Testament of individuals that had the favor of God. Take Joseph, for example. Joseph was a young man upon whom God looked favorably. In fact, his earthly father looked more favorably upon him than on his brothers. Joseph may have taken this for granted a little bit. He did have the gall to tell his older brothers, “Hey, I had this dream that someday you’re going to bow down to me.” That didn’t make his brothers too happy. They threw him in a pit, pretended that he was dead to show their father, and sold him as a slave to passer-byes. But God’s favor was on Joseph so much that no matter where he went, no matter what he did, in and out of jail for many years, the evidence of God’s favor was still on him. It wasn’t until many years later that God’s favor on Joseph finally saved his older brothers and saved their entire family. God’s favor is not about God doing favors for you, because Joseph must have had days when all he could say was, “God’s favor is on me. It doesn’t really look that way, but God’s favor is on me.”

Or, how about Job? God’s favor was on Job, and God looked upon him favorably. You may be reading Job’s story thinking, “If that’s God’s favor, I think I’ll pass.” But God’s favor was on Job. God blessed him. God’s favor was on Job so much that everyone around him knew it. Everyone around him saw what God did and what God was doing through him.

God’s favor can find you, but I don’t want you to think that you can achieve favor. You cannot accomplish God’s favor by doing things in your life. You cannot take steps, one, two, three, all the way to the last step and now you can get God’s favor. You cannot achieve favor, you must receive favor.


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