God’s Favor is a Joyful Sacrifice that We Get to Joyfully Imitate

My wife and I have four children. I love my children. Please take this the right way, but I love my children a little bit more than I love your children. You understand where I’m coming from, right? I love my children. I would do just about anything for my kids. I want to help them enjoy life, be prepared for life.

Sometimes people will look at me and say, “You have four kids?” The look and the tone suggests, “What…are you nuts?” But I love my kids. It is so much fun at our house. I did not go into this blind. I did not go into this thinking, “We’ll have one kid and life will be great.” Before my wife and I even got married we talked about having four kids. I didn’t just wake up one day and suddenly my wife announces, “You have four kids!”

God did not get suckered into loving you, either. God did not wake up one day and say, “Are they really inside my good graces? Well, I guess that’s OK.” No! God knew what He was doing. He knew what He was getting into when He created you. He loves you. The favor of God doesn’t come to you out of reluctance. God isn’t half-heartedly saying, “Well, I guess you’re in. Come on.” No! You’re in because God loves you!

I can’t afford to spoil my kids, but I will do a lot for them. And because I love them, I will sacrifice.

Do you remember when you were first married before you had any kids? Do you remember having a lot of time? You could actually have hobbies. I don’t have many hobbies now. I sacrificed for them. In many ways, my kids are my hobby now.

God doesn’t look at you and say, “If I really have to take them to a better place, I guess I will.” No! God didn’t look at the nation of Israel and say, “I guess the desert isn’t really a good place for them. I suppose I should take them somewhere else.” No!

God loves you. He wants to take you somewhere where you abide in His presence, where His power is real in your life. He wants you to experience Him on a daily basis. He wants you to see His hand at work on a daily basis. That’s where God wants to take you.


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