Are you looking for everyday solutions for generosity within your church?

I can serve you and your leadership and ministry teams as a coach to develop church-specific strategies that help shape the generosity DNA within your ministry.

What does this look like?

  1. The best first step is a Generosity Audit.  This diagnostic deep dive into the giving culture of your church offers a treasure of understanding into the thinking of the givers in your church.
  2. This usually does not include a financial goal or commitment event but may include a “one-time ask” of certain givers.
  3. This relationship is designed to accelerate generosity toward everyday giving in your church.
  4. Depending on the specific setup, the relationship may have limited onsite visits but unlimited contact through email and phone for contract period. Video conferencing also available as needed within the relationship.
  5. A customized coaching relationship for your unique context.
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