Generosity Audit


The idea of the audit is to do a deep dive into how a donor perceives the church and to understand how the church communicates to the donors from the donor perspective. The outcome is a six-month plan that will guide the church leadership into how to elevate the overall culture of generosity. The objective is to increase the operating income by engaging the heart and passion of the donor in a fresh manner. How might we appropriately engage with them to move forward to become fiercely committed in their giving to the church?

What might be the best approach to this next season of alignment of vision, everyday giving, legacy giving and possible capital needs for your church?

Here is an overview of the Generosity Audit:


This audit engages with the church with a view toward:

  • Helping you to understand how the church donors interact with the church.
  • How the church communicates to the donors.
  • How to engage the heart of the donor in the unique culture of your specific church context and honoring that culture.
  • How to encourage and cultivate increased giving by more intentional connection to the vision and mission.
  • Specific steps in how to further engage giving. Implementing these steps will better position the church for better results if and when you do a project requiring additional funds.
  • Assess the overall positioning of the church for special opportunity giving. The church leadership will have an understanding of their overall health, possible timeline and viability to launch a project.
  • We will also work on moving toward an integrated plan to assist your specific church in crafting a campaign or mission expansion project, if that is where your mission and vision lead you.

Contact me for more on the diagnostic approach of a Generosity Audit for your church.