A Gem in an Old Email

As my inbox fills each day, my brain begins to sort into three categories: “now, later, or never”. The middle category is the fuzzy one. “Later” as in tomorrow, next week, or do I really mean “never” and I’m emotionally guilty for not wanting to deal with that email. In order to deal with that guilt, I move the “later” emails into folders or tasks that get placed on my calendar.

One such “later” moved to a task, was “Using discovery questions to connect with donors“. Interesting title from a voice that adds value repeatedly to my work. That task was on this morning’s calendar, so I clicked the link and read the blog (more accurately, watched the video).

A couple of shiny gems from investing four minutes:

  • Preparedness reveals care. In a pastoral context, do not just meet for lunch and wing it. Take a few minutes to review what he/she posted on social media in the last few weeks. Any major life moments to celebrate? Ask questions and listen to the story.
  • Make notes when the conversation is over. Unless you are only leading 20 people and you can remember everything, make a note about the conversation. And I will add: take time to send a follow up hand-written card to say “thank you for taking time to meet…”

Some of those old emails add great value. I hope this one adds value to you as well.

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