Four Observations from Spring Church Capital Campaigns

The variety of churches/environments that I get to serve makes my work so much fun. In this past season of church capital campaigns, that variety brought great opportunity and significance to the vision fulfillment.

There were four major takeaways from this season that affirmed much of the emphasis I try to make with church leaders on the front side of campaigns:

  1. Relational investment in major donors matters even more than I can possibly emphasize. Read: time spent in discipleship conversations. You cannot rush through this. You cannot microwave this step. The shifts in current financial demographics dictate that the success of a capital campaign rests in this group. And success with this group rests in relational time spent. If you are not willing to spend the time, you will not fully realize the potential available.
  2. Givers are conservative in their commitments. This could be a result of uncertainty in personal lives or other internal factors. One negative outcome: some choose to not express a commitment because of uncertainty. Is this a faith/spiritual issue? Of course. Good news: Actual giving is outpacing commitments in almost every scenario.
  3. Attendance patterns matter. How often will a family attend a weekend service during a six week public phase? While leadership may grow weary about repeating the vision, the vast majority of your populous needs to hear this message more than two times to make a significant commitment. Because of lower attendance patterns, you cannot rely solely on stellar preaching for four weeks. You must rethink how to engage a less-engaged church body.
  4. Leadership buy-in. How much does this vision matter to your leadership circle? If the pastor or key leaders are not 100% in, people will catch that. Remember this key principle: no one will exceed the excitement of this vision beyond the excitement of the pastor and key leaders. “Speed of the Leader, Speed of the Church”.

Are you considering a church capital campaign? Let’s schedule 30-minutes to talk about how these observations could impact your next steps.


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