Analyze Church Giving Data for Transformation not Transaction

Churches track all sort of data (attendance, small group participation, % of attenders that volunteer in ministry, # of spoons in the church kitchen), but what does it all mean? Which data matters? I mean, REALLY matter. Church giving data is a powerful indicator of engagement. A wise man once told me that numbers do not give […]

How has the church multisite strategy changed the generosity conversation?

How Generis Helps Multisite Churches How has the development of multisite changed the generosity conversation? How has multisite changed your (Generis) approach over the last decade? Multisite changes the generosity conversation in the church. It is a growing trend and is rapidly becoming the new normal for church growth. Some of what we do is […]

Learning Highlights from Leadership Network/Generis Church Multisite Scorecard

Yesterday marked the release of the Leadership Network/Generis Church Multisite Scorecard.  With great privilege, Generis is a sponsor of this release.  This project marks the largest church multisite research to date. You can download your copy of this report. Everyone approaches the church multisite movement with assumptions and biases.  To me, this Scorecard becomes valuable […]