Top 6 Findings from Generosity Audits in 2015

My work with coaching churches in matters of stewardship and generosity reveals consistent behaviors and patterns. Denomination, non-denomination, large, small, across the country… there are many similarities throughout the church in the Unites States. How does Generis uncover these behaviors and what can church leadership do about it? A Generosity Audit is a one-day assessment […]

Celebrating Spiritual Development with Year-End Giving

Givers have certain universal expectations. They expect to be listened to, treated with respect, and never taken for granted. Within a Year-End Giving project, you will be asking people to give financially. This is not something people in your church are naturally inclined to do. You want to ensure you honor your givers and potential givers. […]

Transparency in Your Generosity Journey

Nothing can replace authenticity, and everyone can tell when it’s missing. When pastors share their own journey toward generosity, their congregations tend to follow their lead. One pastor we worked with led a large suburban congregation. His income level was typical for a pastor, far from extravagant, and his children were just beginning to look […]

5 Reasons Why a Year-End Giving Strategy Should Be Your #1 Priority

The most immediate benefit of a year- end giving project is, of course, increased giving. We can all celebrate this result… but planning this initiative with care and executing it with excellence will add far more value. So why is this project such a high priority? It prompts spiritual growth. The intersection of faith and […]