Increase Online Giving from your Church Website

The church website is a prime piece of real estate.  Most potential visitors will investigate your website (and Facebook and Twitter and Instagram…) before they ever step on to your physical property, if at all. Your church members are going to search your website when they are looking for information about that event you announced […]

Generosity: precious and precarious

“If you can count 1,000 or 100,000 individuals who are engaged enough with you to be a current giver, be sure of this: that number is in flux, either growing or contracting.  You must never take for granted something as precious and precarious as thoughtful, generous engagement of individuals in the life of your organization… […]

What motivates high capacity givers?

I’ve opened the discussion of high capacity givers with a look at the fears pastors have and a few common reactions to those fears when it comes to engaging the generosity conversation.  I hope you join the discussion with comments about your experience. Let’s further the conversation by looking at the motivations of high capacity […]

Receiving the Offering at Church

Think about that space/time in your worship service called the offering.  What happens during that time? What about the offering is intentional?  Do you script it out ahead of time? Is the offering time where you have special music?  You think of this as “killing two birds with one stone”? Does the offering time mess […]

Pastors Facing the Fear of Money Conversations

Recently, I wrote about some reasons pastors fear engaging high capacity givers in generosity conversations.  Now, let’s look at some of the common reactions to those fears.  If you are a pastor, have you said this before: “It doesn’t really matter.  They’re going to do what they’re going to do.” “I don’t know what people […]

Why are some pastors afraid to engage high capacity givers?

Many pastors experience a high level of discomfort when talking to individuals about their money.  Pastors can preach about it in front of hundreds, but break into cold sweat when that topic becomes a one-on-one conversation.  Why? A few reasons pastors are afraid of these conversations: They’ve never been trained to engage in the generosity/money […]

What every Executive Pastor should know about Generosity Initiatives (Campaigns)

It takes more time and intentionality than you think. The scope, breadth and complexity of the project can be overwhelming when added to the usual workload.  An outside consultant helps your leadership team by providing objectivity, accountability, experience, and resources. Initiatives can significantly recalibrate your ministry when integrated into the whole mission. This is a […]

Shaping the Culture of Generosity in Your Church

As you approach a new year and the strategy to implement the vision for your church or organization, what intentional steps are you taking to shape the culture of generosity?  Whether you need to take little steps or dramatic overhauls to your organization’s culture, your approach is not neutral. First, I’d like to introduce you […]