Analyze Church Giving Data for Transformation not Transaction

Churches track all sort of data (attendance, small group participation, % of attenders that volunteer in ministry, # of spoons in the church kitchen), but what does it all mean? Which data matters? I mean, REALLY matter. Church giving data is a powerful indicator of engagement. A wise man once told me that numbers do not give […]

Top 6 Findings from Generosity Audits in 2015

My work with coaching churches in matters of stewardship and generosity reveals consistent behaviors and patterns. Denomination, non-denomination, large, small, across the country… there are many similarities throughout the church in the Unites States. How does Generis uncover these behaviors and what can church leadership do about it? A Generosity Audit is a one-day assessment […]

Transparency in Your Generosity Journey

Nothing can replace authenticity, and everyone can tell when it’s missing. When pastors share their own journey toward generosity, their congregations tend to follow their lead. One pastor we worked with led a large suburban congregation. His income level was typical for a pastor, far from extravagant, and his children were just beginning to look […]

What word do you use for Generosity?

Stewardship? Tithing? Generosity? Giving? Or maybe you don’t talk about it at all. Coaching churches in different cultures and contexts in different parts of the country keeps the lexicon full of variances. The same word can have different meanings in different churches. Different words can have the same meaning in different churches. But the theme […]

Increase Giving in Your Church By Celebrating Generosity

Sermons on giving/tithing/stewardship/generosity are a great opportunity to teach and equip the church on biblical truths.  One criticism (legitimate or not) of pastors is that they talk about money too much.  (Oddly, our conversations with churches often reveals that people in the church wish there was more teaching on how to handle finances with biblical […]

Increase Giving in Your Church with Multiple On Ramps

The biblical principles of generosity and stewardship are clear and present in the scriptures.  Teaching followers of Christ to be generous in the context of discipleship is essential and necessary.  While teaching and preaching on the topic of money every week is not likely, or necessary, you can influence givers without preaching a sermon. 1. […]

Before Your Church Builds…

Is your church relocating? Expanding? Building for the first time? Take some time with key leaders to answer a few questions as early in the process as possible: Vision. Do you have a God-inspired, prayer-soaked vision behind the “why” and “what” of the project?  What’s the plan for communicating this picture of the preferred future?  How will […]

Mobile Giving in Your Church (Guest Post from Kindrid)

This is a guest blog post from Leighton Cusack, a team member at Kindrid.   As many Pastors know the age of carrying around checkbooks and cash is over. Just as many people opt for a smartphone with YouVersion instead of physical Bibles, congregants are bringing their smartphones instead of checkbooks. So how do churches […]