What is the Biggest Challenge With Generosity and Church Multisite?

There is not really one big killer challenge, as long as the church is healthy overall. It’s really a series of possible challenges, any one of which, if not dealt with, can cause issues in the execution of the multisite strategy. Here are some of the common ones we have seen. • “Us versus them” […]

How has the church multisite strategy changed the generosity conversation?

How Generis Helps Multisite Churches How has the development of multisite changed the generosity conversation? How has multisite changed your (Generis) approach over the last decade? Multisite changes the generosity conversation in the church. It is a growing trend and is rapidly becoming the new normal for church growth. Some of what we do is […]

Learning Highlights from Leadership Network/Generis Church Multisite Scorecard

Yesterday marked the release of the Leadership Network/Generis Church Multisite Scorecard.  With great privilege, Generis is a sponsor of this release.  This project marks the largest church multisite research to date. You can download your copy of this report. Everyone approaches the church multisite movement with assumptions and biases.  To me, this Scorecard becomes valuable […]

Measuring the Wrong Stats: Free Throw Disparity

Excuses abound when teams lose games.  Even more so as we approach the NCAA tournament for men’s basketball.  Every game counts; and in a few weeks, a loss equals a trip home.  (To be fair, the NBA is no different.  NBA coaches will complain louder in April.) A couple of days ago, one coach went […]

Before Your Church Builds…

Is your church relocating? Expanding? Building for the first time? Take some time with key leaders to answer a few questions as early in the process as possible: Vision. Do you have a God-inspired, prayer-soaked vision behind the “why” and “what” of the project?  What’s the plan for communicating this picture of the preferred future?  How will […]

Mobile Giving in Your Church (Guest Post from Kindrid)

This is a guest blog post from Leighton Cusack, a team member at Kindrid.   As many Pastors know the age of carrying around checkbooks and cash is over. Just as many people opt for a smartphone with YouVersion instead of physical Bibles, congregants are bringing their smartphones instead of checkbooks. So how do churches […]

When should my church become multisite?

Many churches are moving to a multisite strategy.  There is no reason to think your church is too small or too large or too (fill in the blank) to do a multisite strategy. Consider Evident Church in Chesterfield, Michigan. Lead Pastor, Josh Hossler, has been discipling a team of teachers to help give weekend messages for […]

Keep Telling Your Story

If your church is on mission (keeping its promises), tell the story over and over. publications church website church Facebook page Twitter, Instagram, etc. one-on-one meetings leadership training events R. Mark Dillon says to churches and non-profit organizations, “Often when we think we have adequately communicated. We have not communicated enough.” (Giving and Getting in […]