What word do you use for Generosity?

Stewardship? Tithing? Generosity? Giving? Or maybe you don’t talk about it at all. Coaching churches in different cultures and contexts in different parts of the country keeps the lexicon full of variances. The same word can have different meanings in different churches. Different words can have the same meaning in different churches. But the theme […]

How Should Multisite Churches Approach Capital Campaigns?

Most multisite churches have one giving initiative for the entire church and all the campuses participate in it. On occasion, a church might have a reason to do a giving initiative for a specific campus, but generally they have one main initiative for the entire church. The success of any giving initiative, and especially one […]

Church Multisite Question: Should All Campuses Help Pay for the New Campus?

This is an excerpt from the Leadership Network/Generis Church Multisite Scorecard. You can download the full report for more great insights on church multisite and the impact on generosity. What do you (Generis) say to a leader who says, “We know we need a new campus, now how do we convince the people that won’t worship at […]

How has the church multisite strategy changed the generosity conversation?

How Generis Helps Multisite Churches How has the development of multisite changed the generosity conversation? How has multisite changed your (Generis) approach over the last decade? Multisite changes the generosity conversation in the church. It is a growing trend and is rapidly becoming the new normal for church growth. Some of what we do is […]

Increase Giving in Your Church By Celebrating Generosity

Sermons on giving/tithing/stewardship/generosity are a great opportunity to teach and equip the church on biblical truths.  One criticism (legitimate or not) of pastors is that they talk about money too much.  (Oddly, our conversations with churches often reveals that people in the church wish there was more teaching on how to handle finances with biblical […]

Increase Giving in Your Church with Multiple On Ramps

The biblical principles of generosity and stewardship are clear and present in the scriptures.  Teaching followers of Christ to be generous in the context of discipleship is essential and necessary.  While teaching and preaching on the topic of money every week is not likely, or necessary, you can influence givers without preaching a sermon. 1. […]