5 Reasons Why a Year-End Giving Strategy Should Be Your #1 Priority

The most immediate benefit of a year- end giving project is, of course, increased giving. We can all celebrate this result… but planning this initiative with care and executing it with excellence will add far more value. So why is this project such a high priority? It prompts spiritual growth. The intersection of faith and […]

Inspire Your Church to Give by Starting With Why

Leaders move fast. Leaders get stuff done. Leaders solve problems and point the way. But leaders also often talk about the solutions and new direction long before others else even realize a problem exists. They start with the “what” and not the “why.” I personally experienced this phenomenon while repairing a section of my backyard […]

What word do you use for Generosity?

Stewardship? Tithing? Generosity? Giving? Or maybe you don’t talk about it at all. Coaching churches in different cultures and contexts in different parts of the country keeps the lexicon full of variances. The same word can have different meanings in different churches. Different words can have the same meaning in different churches. But the theme […]

How Should Multisite Churches Approach Capital Campaigns?

Most multisite churches have one giving initiative for the entire church and all the campuses participate in it. On occasion, a church might have a reason to do a giving initiative for a specific campus, but generally they have one main initiative for the entire church. The success of any giving initiative, and especially one […]