Four Reasons Your Church Website is Mission Critical

Your church website is one of the most important pieces of communication for your church.  In fact, it might be the most important.  Your website should be on every piece of printed communication (Sunday bulletin, etc).  It should headline every email communication.  It should be heard multiple times in your weekly gatherings.  You paid for […]

Increase Giving in Your Church Without Preaching a Sermon

The new year usually suggests opportunities for pastors to teach on money.  That annual February stewardship series of messages is part of the routine for many.  Good. Teaching and discipleship in the area of money and finances are important – of course.  Jesus taught on money, a lot.  The heart is extremely fond of the […]

Measuring the Wrong Stats: Free Throw Disparity

Excuses abound when teams lose games.  Even more so as we approach the NCAA tournament for men’s basketball.  Every game counts; and in a few weeks, a loss equals a trip home.  (To be fair, the NBA is no different.  NBA coaches will complain louder in April.) A couple of days ago, one coach went […]

When should my church become multisite?

Many churches are moving to a multisite strategy.  There is no reason to think your church is too small or too large or too (fill in the blank) to do a multisite strategy. Consider Evident Church in Chesterfield, Michigan. Lead Pastor, Josh Hossler, has been discipling a team of teachers to help give weekend messages for […]

Keep Telling Your Story

If your church is on mission (keeping its promises), tell the story over and over. publications church website church Facebook page Twitter, Instagram, etc. one-on-one meetings leadership training events R. Mark Dillon says to churches and non-profit organizations, “Often when we think we have adequately communicated. We have not communicated enough.” (Giving and Getting in […]

Church MultiSite Quick Hits

Many churches across the globe are discovering multi-site (via expansion and merger) as a viable means to reach more for the sake of Christ.  Over the coming weeks, I’ll take Monday morning posts to explore the world of multi-site and provide valuable insight. Today’s quick hit is to connect you to  Jim Tomberlin is […]

Keep Your Promise as a Church

Growing your base of those invested in your church involves keeping those who already care for you AND winning new friends.  That investment is emotional, philosophical, and financial.  The best churches are intentional about growing this base of support. I previously wrote about the generous engagement of individuals in the life of your organization.  As […]