Capital Campaign

How do I help your church accelerate giving for special seasons of opportunity?

Capital Campaigns have value in the church today.  The process may be familiar and comfortable to your ideal tomorrow.  At Generis, our 25 year history of coaching churches through capital campaigns gives us unmatched perspective on navigating the process.  As an executive pastor, I can speak to that experience first hand.  As a generosity strategist, I can speak to that experience as a coach.

And yet, our experience with churches across North America has lead to create other pathway alternatives to fulfilling your God-inspired vision. Since every ministry has unique challenges within a unique culture, I bring an “open design” mindset that leads with principles not just methods. Many of these campaigns will be connected to but not limited by capital projects. My approach is to help you do a deep dive into the giving culture of your church. This gives context and understanding to move forward in achieving the God-inspired vision at your church.

In many settings, churches have a vision that includes pieces of missions, compassion, community projects, (endless possibilities as unique as each church), as well as, brick-and-mortar.  Because of the prominence that these pieces play in the overall mission/vision of the local church, the Generis language changes this to a Generosity Initiative.  Money/stewardship/generosity is a discipleship issue - a heart issue.  So I want to help you create a positive discipleship experience in achieving that God-inspired vision. An environment where faith is more important than finance. Let's approach this as transformational and not transactional.

More about what you should know when prior to launching a Generosity Initiative.

Next step: I would love to hear about the God-inspired vision at your church. Click HERE to contact me for an exploratory conversation.