Before Your Church Builds…

Is your church relocating? Expanding? Building for the first time?

church master plan

Take some time with key leaders to answer a few questions as early in the process as possible:

  • Vision. Do you have a God-inspired, prayer-soaked vision behind the “why” and “what” of the project?  What’s the plan for communicating this picture of the preferred future?  How will you achieve buy-in?
  • Resources.  How will you fund this  vision?  Will you take on debt?  What is the culture of generosity in your church? Do you have a plan for asking your church to resource this vision?
  • The actual building.  Have you talked with a trusted and experienced contractor who knows how to work with churches?
At Generis, we help you accelerate generosity toward that God-inspired vision.  We will help you understand the culture of generosity within your church, assess the opportunities, and build a strategy for casting your vision.

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