Join me in Indianapolis – November 9th

Join me in Indy for: “Build Your Church’s Generosity Before Building Your Church“ Nov. 9th, from 9:30am-12:30pm.   For far too long churches have accepted their default giving patterns and cultures. Church leaders have relied on giving principles that are dated and overused. The minds and motivations of givers today have changed dramatically. If churches […]

Four Observations from Spring Church Capital Campaigns

The variety of churches/environments that I get to serve makes my work so much fun. In this past season of church capital campaigns, that variety brought great opportunity and significance to the vision fulfillment. There were four major takeaways from this season that affirmed much of the emphasis I try to make with church leaders […]

Analyze Church Giving Data for Transformation not Transaction

Churches track all sort of data (attendance, small group participation, % of attenders that volunteer in ministry, # of spoons in the church kitchen), but what does it all mean? Which data matters? I mean, REALLY matter. Church giving data is a powerful indicator of engagement. A wise man once told me that numbers do not give […]

Top 6 Findings from Generosity Audits in 2015

My work with coaching churches in matters of stewardship and generosity reveals consistent behaviors and patterns. Denomination, non-denomination, large, small, across the country… there are many similarities throughout the church in the Unites States. How does Generis uncover these behaviors and what can church leadership do about it? A Generosity Audit is a one-day assessment […]